Starting August 2002:

July 31 : Billy Martin's Turntable Sessions, Bowery Poetry Club, NY
Aug 11: SSP! at North American Cultural Labaratory, Highland Lake, NY
Aug 14: Dan Levin group, Knitting Factory Old Office , NY
Aug 25: Dan Levin group, CBGB's Gallery, NY
Aug 29 - 30: Mat Maneri Quintet, Knitting Factory Old Office , NY
Sept 22: Zlatne Uste, "Music Around the Mediterranean" Festival, NY
Sept 22: Percussion demonstration, "Music Around the Mediterranean" Festival, NY
Oct 2: Dan Levin group, CBGB's Gallery, NYC
Oct 4: Slavic Soul Party! at Tonic, Lower East Side, NY (midnight set! woohoo!) and on Soundcheck (WNYC) with John Schaefer in the afternoon.
Oct 11 - 13: John Hollenbeck's Claudia Quintet, mini-tour in PA and NY.
Oct 23 - Nov 6: John Hollenbeck's Claudia Quintet, midwest and northeast US tour.

Nov 15: Dan Levin group, Triad, 158 W. 72nd Street, NYC.
Nov 21: Slavic Soul Party! at Club Helsinki , Great Barrington, MA
Nov 22: Slavic Soul Party! at The Uptown, Kingston, NY.
Nov 23: Slavic Soul Party! at the Pioneer Arts Center of Easthampton, MA.
Dec 4: SSP! at Makor, NYC. Double-bill with the elegant folky groovy Pharoah's Daughter.
Dec 13 : Sideshow, BAM Next Wave festival, Brooklyn, NY.


Feb 20-24: Mardi Gras with Zlatne Uste in New Orleans, LA... Five 5-mile parades...
feet don't fail me now...
POSTPONED: Feb 25-27: Butch Morris' Skyscraper in Rome and Zurich.
Mar 5: Benefit for Breezy Hill Orchard with Zlatne Uste.
Mar 6:
Slavic Soul Party at Satalla in Manhattan. Double-bill with Caravan. Fun fun fun!
Mar 10: Dan Levin Ensemble in New Haven, CT.
Mar 20: Zlatne Uste at Boston Balkan Night.
Apr 3: Dan Levin Ensemble in CT.
April 15: Dan Levin Ensemble in Manhattan.
April 18: Orkestar Aksak in plays for dancing in West Hartford, CT.
Apr 22: Kalman Magyar at Satalla in Manhattan.
May 1-2: Saraswati in the community gardens in Park Slope, a huge multi-media piece by Elise Long of Spoke the Hub.
May 1: Dan Levin Ensemble at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge, MA.
May 2: Monika Heideman at CBGB's Gallery in Manhattan.
May 31: Butch Morris at the Vision Festival, Manhattan.
June 6: Dan Levin at CBGB's Lounge, Manhattan.
June 13: Slavic Soul Party at SouthPaw in Brooklyn (triple-bill Balkan madness with Romashka and who knows who else.)
June 14: kicking off Slavic Soul Party at Barbes in Brooklyn every Monday night, all summer long. Funky! Cheep! Hot!
June 17
: Claudia in Philadelphia, PA.
June 19: Zlatne Uste with legendary Serbian Rom singer Saban Bajramovic at Volume in Brooklyn.
June 26: Zourna & Daouli and Kiril Ketev at the Brooklyn Public Library's Balkans and Beyond concert, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. I'm Greek! No I'm Bulgarian! No I'm Greek! No I'm Bulgarian!
June 30: Nate Wooley Quartet at Barbes in Brooklyn.
Aug 11: Elise Long's Saraswati Project at Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, a massive dance/music/yoga/performance piece inspired by the Hindu divinity Saraswati.
Aug 14:
Greek music with Demetri Tashie and others, Battery Park City in Manhattan.
Aug 22-29: Balkan music and dance workshop in the Berkshires, organized by the eefc.
Aug 30: Slavic Soul Party's last Monday at Barbes for the summer (series continues on Tuesdays starting Sept. 14th).

Sept 5: Curtis Hasselbring at CBGB's Lounge in Manhattan.
Sept 8: Nate Wooley quartet at Barbes in Brooklyn.
Sept 10: Slavic Soul Party! at Bowery Poetry Club, in Manhattan...10pm
Sept 14: John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble cd release gig at the Jazz Standard in Manhattan.
Sept 14: Slavic Soul Party! starts Tuesdays at Barbes -- every Tue. 9-11pm, big ol' good time.
Sept 15-22: Claudia Quintet on tour in California (LA, Monterey Jazz Festival, Sacramento, Oakland, Reno NV).
Sept 25:
Oscar Noriega/Matt Moran/Chris Speed/Randy Peterson at Tonic in Manhattan.
Sept 29:
Boban Markovic Orkestar, Zlatne Uste and Hungry March Band at the Hiro Ballroom, Maritime Hotel, Manhattan.

Oct 3: Aaron Ali Shaikh at CBGB's Lounge in Manhattan.
Oct 10:
Reuben Radding trio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Oct 15: SSP! at BAMCafe (9-10:30pm), then at Maia Mehane (11:30-?!) on Ave B btw 6th & 7th Sts.
Oct 27: Matt Moran y su grupo with Joe Karten, Curtis Hasselbring, Ron Caswell, and Joe Tomnio at Barbes in Brooklyn.
Oct 29: SSP! with Zlatne Uste & Zagnut Cirkus Orkestar at Hungarian House, 213 E. 82nd St, Upper East Side.
Oct 30: SSP! opens for Gogol Bordello at Irving Plaza. It's a Saturday night! It's almost Halloween! It's Gogol Bordello! Hot Damn!

Nov 16-25: Claudia Quintet on tour in Europe.

Skipping along to 2005:

Jan 2: Zlatne Uste at Satalla.
Jan 8: Greta Gertler at Barbes.
Jan 8: Daniel Levin Ensemble at Downtown Music Gallery (7pm).
Jan 8:
Claudia Quintet at the Knitting Factory for a big jazz industry/APAP blowout (9pm).
Jan 12:
Curtis Hasselbring at Barbes.
Jan 14-15:
Golden Festival!
Jan 21: SSP! and Greta Gertler
at Lillie's.
Jan 24: Monika Heideman at Kavehaz.
Jan 25: John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble at Jazz Standard.
Jan 28: Greta Gertler at Joe's Pub (7:30pm).
Jan 28: SSP! at Maia (11pm).
Jan 29: SSP! at Zebulon.

Feb 2-13: Claudia Quintet on tour in the Southeast, and recording a new cd for Cuneiform.
Feb 23: Zoom at Merkin Hall.
Feb 25: SSP! at Maia (11pm).
Feb 26: Butch Morris at the Tank.
Feb 26: Zlatne Uste at Maia (11pm).
Feb 27: Dan Levin Group at CBGB's Gallery.

Mar 2: SSP! at Fez
Mar 4: SSP! at Zebulon
Mar 6: Michael Attias at Roulette
Mar 23: Reuben Radding Trio at Barbes
Mar 23: Nate Wooley Quartet at Barbes

(also in March: recordings with Claudia Quintet and the Dan Levin Group... keep an eye out...)

Apr 1: Zlatne Uste in Princeton
Apr 2: SSP! in Philly (venue tba)
Apr 3: Zlatne Uste at Satalla
Apr 16: Greta Gertler & the Extroverts on WFUV
Apr 19: SSP! at Mercury Lounge
Apr 21: Joe Maneri Farewell to the Quartet Barbes
Apr 22: SSP! at Zebulon
Apr 27: Monika Heideman at CBGB's Gallery
Apr 29: Aaron Ali Shaikh at Anthology Film Archives
Apr 30: SSP! in Princeton



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