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Sideshow CD

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"One of the 10 best cds of 2001" -John Schaefer, "New Sounds" (WNYC) Dec. 2001

"Highly unusual and exquisitely beautiful... Sideshow captures the ambiguously solemn and iconoclastic spirit of Ives to a T., conjuring not only the austere New England landscape that inspired him, but the particular mood of each song." -Downbeat, May 2002 (4 stars)

Sideshow is Matt Moran (vibraphone), Adam Good (guitar), Oscar Noriega (bass clarinet & alto saxophone), and John Hollenbeck (percussion). All compositions by Charles Edward Ives (1874-1954). Recorded November 1998 at Tedesco Studios by Jon Rosenberg.

CD $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping

The Cage 3:36 (RealAudio)
Thoreau 6:35 (RealAudio)

The Cage 3:36
(2.5 Mb MP3)
Thoreau 6:35 (4.5 Mb MP3)



Slavic Soul Party! CD

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"SSP!'s debut album has everything you could want in a record. Madcap rhythms, hyperactive horns, a sense of the absurd, and just a hint of abstract jazz. Songs... sparkle with clarinet, trombone, and cornet tripping gleefully over fistfuls of notes faster than you can say slivovitz." -NPR's All Things Considered, June 2002

"...some of the most danceable Balkan-flavored pop this side of the Adriatic... truly inspired - deftly segueing from staccato unison riffs to high-flying solos at the drop of a hat... Cut in the studios of Skopje radio station Jazz-FM, there is an immediacy and spontaneity to the set that's irresistible. ... Slavic Soul Party! is simply very talented musicians uninhibitedly exploring a music they love." -Global Rhythm, November 2002

Slavic Soul Party! is Chris Speed (clarinet), Rossen Zahariev (trumpet), Curtis Hasselbring (trombone), Ted Reichman (accordion), & Matt Moran (percussion). With guests and audio verite of Macedonian tour. Recorded October 2000 in Skopje, Macedonia by Alan Hadzi-Stefanov.

CD $12.00 plus $2.00 shipping

Dance the Dust Up 4:31 (3.9 Mb MP3)
Romanian Holiday 2:46 (2.5 Mb MP3)
Dafino Vino 5:36 (4.9 Mb MP3)


SSP! tees

Slavic Soul Party! T-shirts, Men & Women sizes
$15.00 plus $2.00 shipping

3/4 sleeve cotton shirts. Slavic Soul Party! logo on front, "what's slav got to do with it?" on back.

Email for color & size availability before ordering.

"Leader Matt Moran is a talented composer and instrumentalist; he's fostering a fresh approach in both areas. His intelligently wrought tunes are the record's strongest point." - Cadence March 1997

"Nice collection of focused ensemble work and intense solos from NYC-based percussionist, Matt Moran. What we particularly enjoy in this recording is the non-Burton approach to integrating the vibes in creative new jazz." - Drimala Records, October 2001

Larobok i is Matt Moran (vibraphone), Jeff Hudgins (alto saxophone), Jamie Moore (percussion). With guests Andrew D'Angelo, Joe Karten, Adam Good, Greg Sinibaldi. Recorded 1995 at Power Station by Aya Takemura.


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